CBD for migraines

cbd bei migräne

More and more sufferers are looking for a gentle therapy when they are affected by migraines and headaches. More than 40% of the German population suffers from this widespread disease and unfortunately almost everyone is increasingly resorting to commercially available painkillers, which in the best case can help to suppress symptoms and make normal life pain-free again for a while. CBD is a recognized remedy as a gentle alternative to harsh drugs. Because no one wants to have to endure the intense pounding feeling in their head in their body for a long time, even if a large part of the population has to deal with it in recurring episodes. Blood-thinning drugs such as aspirin or pain-relieving drugs such as paracetamol or ibuprofen are often used here. However, like any other chemically manufactured drug, the over-the-counter and well-intentioned little helpers against headaches and migraines also have a large number of side effects and are therefore only recommended in extreme emergencies from a naturopathic point of view! The positive effects of cannabis in general have been known for a long time. In addition to a close examination and change of the current living conditions, CBD can be a helpful and faithful companion on the way to a migraine and headache-free life.

cbd bei migräne

Causes of migraines and headaches that can be supported by CBD

In order to know how best to deal with the headache and why CBD should be consumed in its supportive effect in this case, it is important to research the causes of the symptoms.

Even if the causes of migraines cannot currently be sufficiently proven by science, they are associated with a number of triggers that can promote persistent headaches. In addition to the main triggers such as stress and lack of sleep, an unbalanced diet and taking medication are also on the list of things that can trigger headaches and migraines. The entire nervous system is on alert during a migraine, since the messenger substance CGRP in the blood ensures more intensive pain transmission due to the altered metabolism.

Furthermore, according to new research, migraines are associated with nervous inflammation. Since the endocannabinoid system is part of our nervous system, there is also the assumption that migraines and headaches can be linked to a lack of CB1 receptors ( CBD and its effect on health ) in the brain. The substance anandamide is responsible in the ECS for the receptors to fulfill their full function. If this substance is only moderately or hardly available, migraine symptoms can occur. In this case, if we add CBD to our body as a dietary supplement, the breakdown of anandamide is inhibited and the function of the receptors is strengthened. Thus, after a while, headaches and migraine symptoms decrease for a long time.

Unfortunately, headaches and migraines are not to be taken lightly, as they promote, for example, a changed perception of the field of vision, cause a certain disorientation, but can also cause balance problems or speech disorders. Compared to these symptoms, nausea and retching are the lesser evils.

cbd for migraines

CBD to prevent headaches and migraines

Ultimately, if you are one of those people who regularly suffer from headaches or migraines, there is no way around addressing the causes of these symptoms. Regular endurance sports and a structured daily routine with enough time for your own needs should sometimes come first here.

You can start an accompanying measure with the intake of CBD. Since stress will also be one of the main triggers in the case of migraines, and we know that CBD can help with all forms of stress, it makes sense to say goodbye to the synthetic and chemically manufactured substances of the pharmaceutical industry for a while and to go the natural way and way to try and get some relief. Since CBD has been proven to dock with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body through its cannabinoids, an analgesic and relaxing effect is created here. In any case, you will feel a relief of the symptoms promptly, but CBD as a medication for migraines and headaches should be taken over a longer period of up to 6 months.

It usually takes a few weeks until certain living conditions have changed and the central nervous system has reliably recovered from the long-term stress through the administration of CBD and its nerve-protecting effect as well as the improvement in the blood circulation in our blood vessels. Because here, too, you have to remember that migraines or headaches are just the tip of the iceberg with which your body wants to tell you that it is time to make radical changes in your life. As a rule, migraines are always preceded by minor physical symptoms or mental discomfort, which should also be dealt with in this case.

Experience reports show that cannabidiol can relieve headaches quickly and reliably. Even with a simple dose of 3 drops three times a day, the pain in the head and around the eyes is hardly noticeable after the first dose in many sufferers. In this case, CBD also has a decisive effect on the psyche. After years of enduring migraines, pain sufferers can often hardly enjoy their lives happily, either for fear of the pain or because of the constant pressure behind the eyes. With its pain-relieving ability, CBD helps migraine sufferers to regain their joy in life and to deal with themselves and their everyday life with confidence.

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How CBD can fundamentally relieve migraines

CBD will achieve the following in the body, which can ultimately ensure that the migraine attacks are gentler or hardly noticeable

  • CBD will ease the pain
  • CBD reduces the feeling of nausea during a migraine attack
  • CBD has a relaxing effect
  • CBD will optimize sleeping behavior and thus significantly reduce a stress factor

Thus, cannabidiol will not only eliminate the symptoms of migraines and headaches, but will also carefully introduce you to the fight against the causes.

cbd oil dosage headache migraine

Dosage for migraines and headaches

For mild symptoms, 3 drops of 5% per day are recommended in the form of CBD oil .

If there are chronic complaints, you can take at least 3x3 drops of 10% -15% CBD oil per day

degree of complaint Crowd time
Simply 3 drops (5% CBD oil) Morning & evening
serious 3 drops (10% or 15% CBD oil) Morning, noon & evening

Experience has shown that at least 25 mg per day has proven effective in a large number of those affected.

In the case of migraine patients, it is clearly recommended to take it in the form of drops, as it gets through the oral mucosa into the bloodstream within 10 - 15 minutes and there faster than

Capsules can develop its effect promptly. However, as soon as a constant pain-free state has been achieved, there is always the possibility of supplying the recommended amount of CBD in the form of CBD seeds or capsules. Here we recommend simply trying your way through the offer and finding out which form of substitution suits you best.

The information published on this website about CBD (cannabidiol) is not related to our products and has not been evaluated or confirmed by official bodies. Despite all care, no guarantee and liability can be assumed for the correctness and completeness!

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