CBD for sleep disorders

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One of the most important properties of CBD is its relaxing and anxiolytic effect. Because who doesn't know it? As soon as the lights are dimmed, the mind merry-go-round spins like crazy about the events of the day that have long since passed and the mind loops with memories of the grueling moments and visions of the future never end.

Adequate sleep is the basis for a healthy and happy life. If the body and mind get less than 8 hours of rest for a long time, the human body demonstrably suffers from severe psychological as well as physical side effects after a certain time. Worth mentioning are, among other things, reduced performance, depression and aggression, hallucinations and muscle tension, changes in blood pressure, stomach and intestinal problems, but also hormonal disorders and the development of chronic diseases. The list goes on endlessly.

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So it stands to reason that CBD can help to alleviate sleep disorders thanks to its officially recognized effects on stress, anxiety and worry. In 2019, the American professor Dr. Scott Shannon conducted a study that was able to significantly and demonstrably improve the sleep quality of his subjects. But not only scientific studies suggest the evidence that CBD is effective in this area. The experience reports in numerous forums also confirm this finding. To better understand how CBD manages to improve sleep patterns, we first need to understand what conditions cause poor sleep.

  • Anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Drugs that affect sleep patterns
  • Chronic pain
  • stress and worry

The causes of a sleep disorder listed above are therefore officially researched areas of action of cannabidiols ( CBD and the effect on health ) and in this case indicated for use in the case of problems falling asleep and sleeping through the night.

CBD for sleep disorders

The oil is said to have proven itself in practice due to its fast and reliable absorption through the oral mucosa into the bloodstream. Above all, the products of the cannabis plant "Indica" have proven themselves in many test series for problems falling asleep and sleeping through the night. Even people who have had insomnia for years have seen a significant improvement in their sleeping habits. After taking CBD oil, many have been able to enjoy a few hours of sleep at a time for a long time. Due to the simultaneous pain-relieving effect of cannabidiol, pain patients also experience a positive sleeping experience overnight. According to CBD expert Dr. Steven Zodkoy, CBD is unique as a sleep aid because it works on three different levels at once. And it's absolutely free of side effects. On the one hand, it relieves the fears that delay falling asleep, it also relieves the pain that often makes sleeping through the night seem impossible and, lastly, it promotes a sense of well-being that enables a relaxed start to the day after waking up.

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How CBD can still be used for sleep disorders

In addition to CBD oil , there are of course other ways of transporting the active ingredient into the bloodstream: CBD liquids can be used with a vaporizer and inhaled before going to bed.

CBD capsules are extremely easy to dose throughout the day, have a neutral taste and can be easily integrated into everyday life where you travel a lot.

Various foods are now enriched with CBD and are available in online shops, but here you should pay close attention to the ingredients and the purity of the oil contained in the food.

In general, CBD is the fastest way to process the body through inhalation, aside from ingesting oil, making it a relaxing alternative for the evening. However, it should also be noted that any form of inhalation via the lungs can entail respiratory risks.

The dosage for sleep problems

Again, there are four important points to consider if you want to use CBD to positively influence your sleep patterns:

1. The concentration of CBD in each product

2. The weight of the user

3. The severity of the underlying disease

4. External factors affecting sleep

Point 4 in particular should be tackled as early as possible. This is often due to a bedroom that is too bright, the light from a mobile phone just before going to bed or sources of noise that could be regulated.

The recommended dosage for sleeping problems is from 20 mg CBD per day. Low dosages often have a stimulating effect and will therefore be counterproductive if you have trouble falling asleep!

For dosing in oil form, three drops are recommended three times a day for a CBD product with 5% or 10% active ingredient. Here, too, the dosage can be individually adjusted after a one-week test phase. As already mentioned, an overdose is not possible in this case.

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Taking cannabidiol in oil form is recommended, as it gets into the bloodstream much faster and is therefore also effective in its mode of action. Alternatively, of course, taking capsules, seeds or liquids is indicated. In this case, however, it should be taken 1-2 hours before sleeping and at least 1 hour after eating.

According to previous studies, CBD is primarily helpful for problems sleeping through the night, as it has been proven to promote the REM sleep phase. The trouble sleeping through the night occurs mainly in the second half of the night and is characterized by restless movements and noticeably vivid dreams, in which one typically has to defend oneself from threats. There are many reports in which one learns that CBD can on the one hand promote dreaming and on the other hand reduce stressful dreaming, whereas the cannabinoid THC leads to dreamless sleep.

CBD as a miracle cure for sleep problems?

It can no longer be denied that CBD should be considered as an alternative to conventional preparations for promoting sleep and staying asleep. On the one hand, it is a natural product, which can also be consumed without any side effects, and on the other hand, it has absolutely no potential for dependency compared to any chemically manufactured preparation in the pharmaceutical industry. Of course, as with any naturally occurring remedy, one should not expect miracles overnight. It often takes a little time for deficiencies or an insufficiently organized body system, in this case the ECS, to function optimally again.

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However, many users of CBD products with insomnia feel a fairly prompt and reliable improvement in their symptoms, especially in the long term. Especially if, in addition to taking CBD, you also actively shape your sleep hygiene by, for example, ensuring sufficient rest, ideally darkening the bedroom 100% and consciously taking at least an hour to yourself in the evening before going to bed, in where you can, for example, review the day, enjoy a warm drink or go for a walk in the fresh evening air.

All this in combination with the CBD can ensure that your sleeping patterns will improve significantly.

The information published on this website about CBD (cannabidiol) is not related to our products and has not been evaluated or confirmed by official bodies. Despite all care, no guarantee and liability can be assumed for the correctness and completeness!

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