CBD (cannabidiol) for acne and skin problems

cbd cannabidiol akne hautprobleme

" The skin is the mirror of the soul" - and thus a predestined area of ​​​​application for the internal use of CBD . The topic of skin problems represents a very complex field, since in this case the recognizable signs on the skin are often only the tip of the iceberg of a disease that has been blazing in the body for a long time. In any case, it is advisable to consult a holistic therapist or naturopath who will investigate the causes of the skin disease and analyze the individual organs, the microbiome and thus the immune system as well as hormone production and discuss with you the deep-seated places of the body a cause for the skin problem can be found. Because a skin problem is usually not “just” a skin problem. There are also psychological statements behind a scaly or inflammatory breakout of the skin . It is not without reason that we often hear statements such as "I totally freaked out" or "I can't stand it in my own skin any longer".

On both a physical and psychological level, CBD will be able to improve symptoms and possibly also find and alleviate the causes.

cbd cannabidiol acne skin problems

CBD for inflammatory skin problems and acne

In addition to an imbalanced and misdirected immune system, the sebaceous glands in particular play an important role in the development of acne . The sebum they produce protects the skin from external influences. In acne , however, it becomes a problem because it is overproduced due to the overproduction of sex hormones during puberty . This can lead to clogging and ultimately inflammation of the pores . The cannabinoid CBD has the unique ability to naturally balance hormone levels on the one hand and reduce sebum production on the other. One should refrain from applying chemical care products to the skin, especially in the case of inflammatory skin problems such as acne . Even if many products are described in the commercials or the pharmacy as "the" remedy par excellence for pimples and acne , it should always be remembered that it can hardly help if you spread a chemically produced, acidic paste on the skin that you wouldn't eat. With CBD you are therefore on the safe side. It is important to tackle the cause of the problem, in this case a hormone imbalance. CBD works on the necessary receptors and will encourage the body to reduce sebum production .

cbd cannabidiol against psoriasis

CBD for psoriasis

Psoriasis, also commonly known as psoriasis, is a complex skin disease that can affect people of all ages. The most commonly affected areas are:

  • elbow
  • scalp
  • palms and back

The limited quality of life and the mental stress caused by the permanently itchy psoriasis is often enormous. In addition to itching , psoriasis is defined by the following symptoms:

  • skin rash
  • itching
  • redness
  • Pains
  • skin bleeding

Conventional medicine has not found a remedy that can reliably help the affected person, either in researching the causes or in combating the symptoms. As a rule, ointments containing cortisone are used, which in many cases have more side effects than they help and heal.

From the symptoms listed above you can already see that there can be a wide spectrum of effects for the CBD to help those affected in the fight against their problem.

Psoriasis leads to accelerated and increased keratinization of the skin. The activity of the cells involved, the so-called creatinocytes, can be inhibited by cannabinoids such as CBD .

It is also immensely important to regulate the immune system and cleanse organs such as the liver, which is responsible for detoxifying our body. A clear sign of an overloaded liver is a skin problem . Toxic substances are excreted through the skin when the liver is overwhelmed or sick. In addition to CBD taken orally in the form of oil , the application of hemp oil to affected areas is recommended for psoriasis due to its unsaturated fatty acids. These improve skin dryness and help reduce itching.

cbd oil acne skin problems

CBD supporting neurodermatitis

In addition to psoriasis, neurodermatitis is one of the most widespread skin diseases in Germany. In this case, too, both children and adults are affected and, as with psoriasis , the pharmaceutical industry is reaching its limits. So you should also consider trying the alternative healing path with CBD for neurodermatitis .

Neurodermatitis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that, in the worst case, can spread over the entire body. In most cases, the areas with the highest degree of inflammation are those with an increased concentration of sebaceous glands . The exact cause of neurodermatitis is not known to conventional medicine, but the following triggers are suspected in the alternative area:

  • Chronic stress and fatigue
  • hormonal changes
  • Poor diet, alcohol and nicotine
  • A weakened immune system
  • An increased presence of the Malassezia fungus, which multiplies on oily skin and causes further micro-inflammation

First of all, CBD can alleviate symptoms by regulating the immune system. Because the same applies to neurodermatitis: research into the causes is the top priority. Thus, in addition to taking CBD , you should work on a healthy and happy relationship with your own life. A large number of anti-inflammatory foods should be integrated into the diet and, in addition to the CBD as a supporting sleep aid, general sleep hygiene should also be improved.

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Cannabinoids such as CBD act in neurodermatitis patients via the ECS receptors on the skin, the immune system and the psyche. In the skin, CBD promotes the activity of other special endocannabinoids , which inhibit inflammation in the affected areas and slow down overactive immune cells. They also regulate the transmission of pain to the central nervous system and thus reduce itching. If hemp oil is applied to the skin in addition to the oral administration of CBD , the first signs of an alleviation of the symptoms should appear promptly.

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