CBD (cannabidiol) for nicotine withdrawal

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Making a commitment to quit smoking is a complex issue. Often it is not just a simple decision, since the body may have slipped into a heavy dependence on this substance through years of nicotine intake. Nicotine addiction thus arises on a mental and physical level and requires a strong will to break free from the hamster wheel of addiction. In the case of mental and spiritual dependence, the cigarette is often misused as the best friend in loneliness, stress, hunger and sadness . On a physical level, complex hormonally controlled dependency processes also arise, which make it even more difficult for the consumer to get rid of the nicotine addiction.

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Affected people are often not taken seriously by those around them, because in the eyes of many people it is just a spiritual decision, true to the motto: " If you want to stop smoking, you can do it!" ”. Usually this is the point where that feeling of loneliness and misunderstanding catapults the smoker back into their addiction.

Basically, science regards nicotine addiction as a mainly mental illness, since the addict often has an unstable personality structure, hardly appreciates himself and makes himself extremely dependent on the people around him. Accordingly, it is often blamed on the usual living conditions in which reaching for a cigarette has to be easy and less on the physical dependence potential of the nicotine active ingredient.

According to study results, CBD should have a positive effect on nicotine addiction and, in addition to psychological and physical support if necessary, provide optimal support on the way to a cigarette-free life.

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Support the process of cessation and nicotine addiction with CBD

Since CBD not only has an extremely broad spectrum of physical effects, but also has a supportive and stabilizing effect on the mental level, it makes sense to use the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in the weaning phase from nicotine and in everyday behavior.

The easiest way to initially release the body from the addictive behavior is to take the cannabinoid via a vaporizer or an e-cigarette with a CBD liquid . Thus, as an affected person, you still have the feeling of having something in your hand and being able to relax by inhaling the smoke, but you do not experience the harmful properties of the tobacco ingredients .

A study showed that the 24 participants who were given CBD instead of placebo were able to reduce their cigarette consumption by up to 40% . Unfortunately, the study situation is still very weak. Nevertheless, it is no secret that the CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system alleviate withdrawal symptoms and positively influence pathological dependencies . However, this is no reason to doubt the effectiveness of the cannabinoid in relation to smoking cessation. Since it is assumed that the recurring reach for a cigarette is anchored in the memory process of the addict and that the CBD can attach to the CB1 receptors in this region in the brain, fundamental changes in the behavior of the affected person can be achieved here.

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CBD against the symptoms of withdrawal

If you want to get rid of nicotine addiction as quickly as possible, you can successfully alleviate a large number of withdrawal symptoms with CBD. CBD helps with the following symptoms :

  • insomnia
  • loss of appetite
  • Irritability and emotional imbalance
  • regulation of the immune system
  • Balancing the happy hormones and the endocrine system in general

This means that CBD can be very helpful with a variety of withdrawal symptoms as the compound is designed to restore balance to the body.

The worst thing for those affected is the lack of happiness, since the lack of hormone stimulation ensures that, for example , endorphins, serotonin and dopamine are no longer produced to the same extent as with regular cigarette consumption. Changes in eating behavior often occur in the first phase of giving up nicotine. The appetite is lost, since one has usually reached for a cigarette at the first feeling of hunger, thus blocking the receptors that are needed in our body to transmit the "hunger" signal. Here, CBD regulates eating behavior and ensures that after continuous intake, the natural feeling of hunger can be felt again.

Not infrequently, restlessness and sleep problems ultimately occur, especially in the evening, due to physical dependency and changes in the hormonal balance . It is now officially recognized that CBD can be used effectively not only for sleep problems ( CBD for sleep disorders ) but also for anxiety.

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Taking CBD products during nicotine cessation / nicotine withdrawal

The dosage and type of use of CBD products must be designed individually according to the degree of dependency . However, it is always a good way to gradually approach the appropriate dosage. Furthermore, it can help in this case to keep a cigarette diary before and during the intake of the CBD, in which it is noted in detail when the desire for a cigarette arises, at what time of day and in which situations one smokes, how the drinking and eating behavior and to what extent mental stress makes itself felt in everyday life and the feelings that arise as a result. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to record a comparison of cigarette consumption and dosage of the CBD afterwards in order to be able to strategically and in a controlled manner ensure that the CBD creeps in or the nicotine is gradually phased out.

At this point, CBD can provide a crucial service by using e-cigarettes with CBD liquids . Here the feeling of smoking remains for a certain time, at the same time you get the positive effect of the CBD for smoking cessation . However, you can also consume a combination of different preparations individually tailored to the daily routine. In this case, at the beginning of the weaning process, the CBD Liquid is a good everyday helper that you can easily take with you in your pocket during your lunch break or for leisure activities.

For the time after getting up and falling asleep, the CBD oil is recommended because of its almost immediate effect. Here, the absorption of the active ingredient through the oral mucosa into the bloodstream can ensure a reliable effect in a time window in which the person concerned has little chance of distractions and can calm down easily and quickly with the CBD.

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Nicotine withdrawal as a process with numerous construction sites

In summary, CBD is by any measure one of the best ways to get started with nicotine withdrawal and, ideally, to sustain it with effective support . Of course, correspondingly unhealthy lifestyle habits, a change in diet and psychological weaknesses must be treated at the same time in order to achieve, ideally, lifelong positive nicotine freedom .

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