CBD and its effects on health

cbd cannabidiol wirkung auf die gesundheit

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The range of previously known health benefits of CBD is increasing from year to year. The active ingredient is used successfully in particular in the field of pain therapy, inflammatory processes and mental instability. Depending on the symptoms, however, an appropriate dose should be used. According to the current studies, CBD can help with the following symptoms, among others:

allergies anxiety and panic attacks depressions
Inflammation and chronic diseases epilepsy respiratory diseases
skin diseases Cancer indigestion
Nervous diseases such as fibromyalgia Sleep disorders but also with milder symptoms such as headaches and stress. stress and nervousness

Further studies can prove that CBD can also successfully contribute to the alleviation and supportive healing of chronic diseases such as ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases in the field of chronic diseases. CBD and medical cannabis are also officially recognized in cancer therapy. Therefore, it is also used successfully against the numerous side effects of chemotherapy. Cannabis can therefore be used successfully in almost every disease that is associated with inflammatory and spasmodic processes as well as cell changes.

cbd effect on health

Accordingly, the following properties of CBD can be demonstrated:

  • painkilling
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anxiety relieving
  • stress reducing

Since a large number of diseases today can be traced back to an excessive level of stress at work or in the family, supporting the endocannabinoid system can be a first step towards combating the causes instead of treating the symptoms!

Effect via the body's endocannabinoid system

The human endocannabinoid system (abbreviated to ECS) takes over the control of numerous bodily processes in the organism that are crucial for your well-being, such as the development of fears, the performance of the defense and the immune system, the regulation of body temperature, appetite and sleep, but also the perception of pain.

The CB1 and CB2 receptors of the cannabinoid system are located in different areas of our body, including the brain, organs, tissue, glands and immune cells of the body and can therefore have a positive effect in many different places. The goal of the ECS is to maintain homeostasis, the biological balance of the body.

The ECS generally ensures that only healthy cells in the body can survive and reproduce. This process is called “autophagy”. The process of autophagy is also lethal to cancer cells, which as a result can self-destruct. For this reason, the ECS is one of the body's most important helpers in the fight against cancer. Some of the cannabinoids are produced by our body itself. However, the healing effect can only be achieved by substituting additional CBD, for example in the form of CBD seeds or oil.

CBD for the whole family

Not only adults benefit from the amazing effects of cannabidiol. Children and your pets can also consume it.

However, it is advisable here, especially for children, to buy a flavored CBD oil . In this case, CBD globules would also be a good alternative to an oil, as they are very well accepted by children. The spectrum of action here is just as broad as in the treatment of an adult person. This remedy can be a helpful alternative, especially for children who suffer from attention deficit disorder, but also from epilepsy, as the ability to concentrate is increased and the nervous system is relaxed. Children and animals have an ECS that is just as pronounced as that of an adult. The CBD is mainly used in cases of physical and mental imbalance in stressful situations, but also in cases of pain and inflammation in the musculoskeletal system.

cbd for adhd

CBD and its dosage

Due to legal regulations within the EU, no precise information may be given on the dosage of different CBD products, only recommendations are made, which are usually noted on the packaging.

In principle, a dosage of 5% CBD (also microdose) is sufficient to get started with substitution and the usual spectrum of complaints.

If there are simple complaints, it is advisable to put 2 - 5 drops of oil under the tongue in the morning and evening for the first week so that it can be absorbed directly from the oral mucosa into the bloodstream. With a microdose we are talking about 0.5 - 20 mg per day. A drop of 5% CBD oil contains between 1.67mg – 3.5mg of CBD per drop. Areas of action in this case are headaches, sleep problems, mood swings and stress.

If the symptoms are more severe, an increased dose of 3 drops three times a day with a 10% to 15% CBD solution is recommended at the beginning. Here we are in the range of up to 100 mg CBD. This is recommended for pain, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, IBS, arthritis, autoimmune diseases and fibromyalgia.

degree of complaint Crowd time
Simply 2-5 drops (5% CBD oil) Morning & evening
serious 3 drops (10% or 15% CBD oil) Morning, noon & evening

The therapeutic dose is up to 800 mg and is used as adjuvant therapy in the treatment of epilepsy, cancer, liver disease and other life-threatening conditions. Here the 30% - 50% CBD product, but also medical cannabis, is used.

One drop in the morning and in the evening is usually sufficient for animals, as they react much more sensitively to natural therapeutic substances than humans.

cannabidiol cbd dosage

When dosing CBD, you should consciously pay attention to your own body feeling. Start slowly and increase the dose on a weekly basis if necessary. Even if the oil shows relatively quick effectiveness, one must not forget that this is a natural and herbal remedy. These usually require a period of 2 - 3 weeks to allow a reliable conclusion to be drawn about the physical mode of action.

If you have trouble handling the oil, you can use CBD capsules . These are just as effective in their effect as the oil, but the dosage cannot be varied. Compared to a CBD oil, they are tasteless and therefore the ideal product for anyone who does not like the slightly bitter taste of the oil. In addition, the capsules are the perfect companion for on the go. A single disadvantage of the capsule form is the delayed absorption into the bloodstream and the docking to the receptors of the ECS via the gastric mucosa.

What CBD (cannabidiol) ingestion products are available?

The last alternative is the CBD Liquid , which can be consumed via an e-cigarette. While evaporating the liquid with an e-cigarette or a vaporizer, you absorb the ingredients directly through the bloodstream and thus promise, similar to the oil, a timely effect due to the high bioavailability.

The information published on this website about CBD (cannabidiol) is not related to our products and has not been evaluated or confirmed by official bodies. Despite all care, no guarantee and liability can be assumed for the correctness and completeness!

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