What is CBD?

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What is CBD / Cannabidiol?

Are you wondering what CBD or cannabidiol actually is ?

The hemp plant and its components are one of the oldest and most versatile cultivated plants in history. Their extensive health-promoting potential and diverse applications in the production of goods and in the economy have made them one of the most important raw materials for more than thousands of years. As early as 2,800 B.C. BC, ropes, textiles and paper as well as medicinal extracts such as tea or ointments were made from the hemp material.

The history of cannabis and the associated active ingredient CBD (cannabidiol)

In the last 20 years, the valuable ingredients of the plant have been rediscovered and increasingly researched. But as early as the 1970s, scientists were able to break down the chemical structure of THC and CBD in the hemp plant, thereby confirming the medical benefits and making them available to humans. Fortunately, the bad reputation of the intoxicating and deadly drug "cannabis" is a thing of the past in most circles due to this increased, and above all successful, research and studies, so that the plant can receive its well-deserved place in naturopathy.

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Accordingly, it was able to develop into an absolute cult plant in the field of alternative medicine. The effect of the CBD ingredient, which clearly speaks for itself, prompted many people, especially those suffering from mental , psychosomatic and chronic diseases, to trust the historic and reliable healing power of the plant.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and its health effects

For many, the term CBD is no longer a foreign word and yet it is often confused with its sister substance THC. The term CBD is the abbreviation for the ingredient cannabidiol, which is obtained from the flowers of the female hemp plant. It is a hemp active ingredient with the second highest concentration in the hemp plant. The cannabis plant itself contains a total of over 80 known cannabinoids, of which CBD has the widest range of non-psychoactive and intoxicating mechanisms of action ( CBD and its effects on health ) .

The endocannabinoid system

In the male hemp plant, no significant amounts of cannabidiol can be detected compared to the CBD content of the female plant. All cannabinoids act on the body's endocannabinoid system, which is part of the central nervous system. This endogenous encannabinoid system was first discovered in 1992 by researchers Dr. Raphael Mechoulam along with William Devane and Dr. Discovered Lumir Hanus and spread knowledge about this unique body mechanism.

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How does CBD affect my psyche?

As already mentioned, cannabidiol and the products made from it are, in addition to THC, a non-psychoactive main substance in the cannabis flower and can therefore be purchased in a large part of European countries. You can therefore neither get “high” from the cannabidiol, nor is there the possibility of an overdose or evidence from a blood test. The plant currently has around 500 researched ingredients throughout its system.

Compared to tetrahydrocannabinol, “THC” for short, CBD products can now be purchased legally in unlimited quantities because they do not have an intoxicating effect. Only the psychoactive THC content in the CBD products advertised on the market is legally limited to up to 0.2%. In order to guarantee this, the production of the CBD products in Germany follows a specially developed extraction process, which produces the high-quality CBD extract from hand-picked hemp flowers.

In what form are CBD products available?

The CBD products developed from the hemp extract have a wide range of healing and pain-relieving effects against a variety of diseases. Studies have shown that it has an anxiolytic, stress-reducing, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effect ( CBD and its effects on health ). In the variety of production, the CBD can be found mainly in oil, but also in ointments, capsules, liquids and seeds. Other products such as hemp tea and oil are also marketed. However, these do not contain any CBD, but are also health-promoting in a variety of ways.

The CBD (cannabidiol) oil

The most well-known CBD product is CBD oil. It is obtained from the female fiber hemp, which is grown in large quantities in Germany for therapeutic purposes. The fiber hemp contains hardly any THC and is therefore a guarantee for a safe and high-quality CBD oil product. Especially in this female hemp, the cannabis sativa, which is industrially grown especially for health-promoting purposes, great importance is attached to a high CBD content in the plant.

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When buying CBD products, you should always check their purity. Due to the great demand on the market, many suppliers stretch their CBD oils with the commercially available hemp oil made from hemp seeds, which, due to its high bioavailability of nutrients and minerals as well as trace elements, has a positive effect on the body, but not remotely the spectrum of effects will contain like a CBD oil made from the dried flower. There are also cannabidiol full-spectrum oils that contain an even higher proportion of cannabinoids than the CBD oils produced from CBD isolate. Due to its combination of several cannabinoids, the full spectrum becomes more intense and can be metabolized faster by the body's endocannabinoid system.

The commercially available CBD oil can be found on the market in different concentrations with 2%, 5%, 10% or even 20% CBD. For personal use, you are always on the safe side with a dosage of 5% and can fully enjoy the health-promoting effects of cannabidiol.

What is CBD?

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