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In our online shop you can buy a large selection of premium quality CBD flowers . Our entire range consists exclusively of EU-certified hemp varieties that are also listed in the EU catalogue. Therefore, the THC content of our CBD flowers is less than 0.2%. Therefore, these do not fall under the Narcotics Act. On the contrary: our flowers are aromatic flowers and are therefore legal for sale for scientific or commercial purposes.


Due to the low THC content, our CBD aromatic flowers are not psychoactive. Rather, they can have a healing, anti-inflammatory, relaxing and calming effect. These diverse positive properties open up a wide range of applications for the flowers. The medically confirmed relaxing and pain-relieving effects of CBD products.

The addition

Our CBD flowers are grown ecologically and sustainably in Switzerland under first-class conditions. Compared to Germany, Switzerland offers the optimal conditions for a first-class harvest of CBD flowers of the highest quality thanks to its completely intact environment and stable continental climate in summer. All flowers that you can buy in our online shop go through a clean and controlled manufacturing process. For example, we guarantee a long shelf life and natural preservation of the ingredients through particularly gentle drying. Chemicals are completely avoided in both cultivation and processing. When delivered, you will be pleased to see that it comes in practical, resealable dark containers in order to best protect the precious CBD flowers against environmental influences and oxidation. So you can store them in a dark and dry place and still have them to hand when you want to taste the aroma. Flowers can easily be kept for several months in the original packaging.

The Acquisition

Purchasing CBD flowers is possible in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and throughout the EU for consumers over 18 years old. CBD does not fall under the Narcotics Act and is legal. Nevertheless, we are sometimes moving in a gray area - retailers clearly have to adapt the descriptions on the packaging and shops without the topic of smoking. Nevertheless, the purchase and consumption are legal! The main problem is the risk of confusion with so-called THC flowers. Unlike CBD flowers, these are psychoactive and illegal. When purchasing CBD flowers, it is important to ensure that the products are of excellent quality and that the plants are grown on appropriately controlled farms. This means that the plants should not be exposed to pesticides or heavy metals - this is guaranteed by laboratory tests. This can be found out, for example, through quality seals. Good shop reviews and thus information from customers can also be an indication of reputable shops and the quality of the products.

In our assortment you will find about fifteen varieties of CBD flowers. Each variety has its own special characteristics and taste. Whether it's Lemon Haze, CBG Dream, Euphoria or Orange Kush: the best thing to do is just try it out and find your favorite aroma. Please note that our CBD flowers are not an industrial product. Rather, our aromatic flowers are a natural agricultural product that does not grow all year round. Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that a variety is sold out. But look at it positively: maybe this is your chance to try a new flavor and find your new favorite flavor. Finally, a word about shipping: All of our CBD products are shipped discreetly and quickly within a few days to the address you provided

One of the best CBD hemp flowers in Germany

While we are proud to be able to offer perhaps the largest selection of CBD flowers in Germany, it is more important to us that our customers can only buy the very best CBD flowers from us. Therefore, we only source our products from producers who try to avoid the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers in the cultivation process in order to best bring out the aroma contained in the cannabis plant. Since we attach great importance to the freshness of our products in addition to the quality, we obtain most of our CBD flowers directly from the producers and pack them in reusable jars.

Further processing of cannabidiol flowers

CBD flowers can be processed and used in a variety of ways. A particularly popular form of application is further processing in cosmetics production. Therefore, creams, lotions and tinctures can be perfectly mixed with flowers containing CBD. Most people are particularly concerned about the CBD and other valuable plant compounds it contains. Due to their pleasant aroma, CBD flowers can be used in aromatherapy to create a relaxing atmosphere.

How long do the buds last?

High-quality and slightly dry CBD flowers have a shelf life of 6 to 12 months. You should know: CBD buds are natural products and therefore sensitive to environmental influences. Above all, protect your CBD flowers from heat, direct sunlight, air and high humidity. CBD flowers are best stored in a cool, dry place. Temperatures between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius are considered optimal for CBD flowers.

Does CBD have side effects?

CBD is a natural active ingredient. That is why CBD is classified as absolutely harmless by the World Health Organization (WHO). However, as with any dietary supplement, minor side effects such as upset stomach or drowsiness may occur. So start with small doses and see how your body reacts to CBD. You can gradually increase the dose if necessary.

Are there alternatives?

If you don't want to buy CBD flowers, you can opt for CBD oil, such as: In fact, CBD oil is probably the most popular CBD product – because it is so easy to take and ingest CBD as an oil. CBD oil also works faster than other forms of CBD – especially when you drip it directly onto the mucous membranes under your tongue.


In our CBD flowers category there are many different varieties that differ in CBD content, manufacturing process, aroma and the composition of other botanical active ingredients such as cannabinoids and terpenes. In order to be able to choose the strain that best suits your personal taste from a large selection of high-quality CBD flowers, you should always consider all factors and not blindly rely on the CBD content. Since the interaction of various cannabinoids, terpenes and other botanical active ingredients is known as the entourage effect, it is often much stronger than just a high percentage of selected components of cannabis flowers.

Indoors or outdoors?

As the name suggests, the deciding factor is whether the buds are grown indoors or outdoors. Indoor CBD flowers are of higher quality because only female plants can grow under controlled conditions. As a result, the male plants are not pollinated and the CBD content is more pronounced. Outdoor flowers are cheaper to produce and have a strong price/performance ratio. At avibes we stock high-quality indoor and selected outdoor flowers that we believe in ourselves. In order to ensure a particularly intense taste and aroma, it is particularly important to choose the best harvest time. When drying, temperature, humidity and lighting conditions are crucial for quality. At Hanfgarten, each cannabis flower is processed by hand, lightly dried, checked and carefully packaged in airtight jars

Where can I buy avibes products?

You can easily order our CBD flowers or, as an alternative, CBD oil or CBD hash in our online shop and have them delivered to your home quickly, discreetly and odorlessly. Unfortunately, we don't yet have a store that you can visit on site, so only the online option is available.

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The information about CBD published on this website is not related to our products and has neither been evaluated nor confirmed by official bodies. Despite all care, no guarantee or liability can be assumed for the accuracy and completeness. We would like to point out once again that our CBD flowers are expressly neither suitable for consumption nor may they be consumed. These are suitable for scientific purposes, as raw materials or for further processing.

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