CLIPPER lighters

Clipper lighters are rechargeable lighters that are often carried in pockets or purses. They are known for their distinctive shape, which includes a detachable flint holder and an adjustable flame mechanism.

Clipper lighters were first made in Spain in the 1970's and have since become well known and loved around the world. They come in many different colors and designs, and are often printed with various graphics and brand logos.

Another feature of Clipper lighters is their ability to be used as a cigarette tamper. To do this, simply turn the removable flint container upside down and use it as a tamper.

Clipper lighters are also known for their eco-friendliness as they are refillable and therefore produce less waste than traditional disposable lighters.

How long have CLIPPER lighters been around?

Clipper lighters were first manufactured in Barcelona, ​​Spain in the 1970's. Since then they have become a popular type of lighter worldwide and are available in many different countries. Clipper has also produced many different designs and colors over the years to meet the tastes and needs of its customers.

Who Invented Clippers?

Clipper lighters were invented and manufactured by the Spanish company Flamagas. Established in 1959, Flamagas initially produced matches before specializing in the manufacture of lighters. In the 1970's Flamagas developed the Clipper lighter which quickly became a popular and successful product. Today, Clipper lighters are part of the Flamagas Group and are sold worldwide

The diverse selection

Clipper lighters come in a variety of designs. There are countless different design variants that are constantly updated and can vary depending on the season or the occasion. However, some of the most famous designs are the single color Clipper lighters printed with various patterns or lettering. There are also Clipper lighters with different motifs, such as animals, flags, music groups or cartoons. It is difficult to pin down an exact number of designs as Clippers are constantly introducing new designs to meet the needs and desires of their customers.

True collector's lighters

Clipper lighters are very popular among collectors and can make a great addition to any lighter or general collection. Due to their different designs and limited editions, collectors can try to complete an entire collection or find specific rare or unusual models.

Some collectors also prefer the convenience features of Clipper lighters, such as refillability and interchangeable flints and lighter stones. In addition, due to their size and shape, Clipper lighters can also be presented as collectibles in small showcases or showcases.

It is important to note that while Clipper lighters are suitable as collectible items, they should still be used as a lighter. Therefore, they should be used safely and responsibly to avoid possible fire or injury.

Where can I buy CLIPPER lighters?

Clipper lighters are very common around the world and can be bought in many stores and online stores. They are especially available in tobacco and smokers' supply stores, as well as in some supermarkets and department stores.

In addition, Clipper lighters can also be purchased online from various retailers and platforms including Amazon, eBay and many specialized tobacco and smoking supplies online shops. There are also official Clipper websites that sell lighters directly.

It is important to note that some countries may impose certain age restrictions on the purchase of lighters and the sale of Clipper lighters may be restricted or prohibited in some regions.

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