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Wood Plastic Stainless Steel or Ceramic Grinder

In the good old days, our hippie ancestors would simply take a bulb or bulbs and put them in their pipes. The tallest among them got their hands dirty using their fingers to shred the buds, spilling a lot on the floor in the process. While this seemed like the best and easiest option, in reality it was messy, wasteful, and didn't provide a great way to shuffle. Luckily we are past the stone age of grinding and now grinders and crushers are widely available and come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials. For example made of metal, wood, acrylic or plastic. Some have additional features such as the kief catcher. In addition, our entire collection offers a mega selection of grinders in different shapes and designs.

The selection in our range

At we have an excellent selection of metal grinders, wood grinders, acrylic grinders and crank grinders. In our upcoming blog post, Best Cannabis Grinders, we will detail the many benefits of using a grinder and list some of our top grinders. Whether you smoke a joint, blunt, or from a bong, pipe, or vaporizer, a grinder is an essential stoner tool for enjoying your weed to the fullest.

2-part grinder : This model is the simplest. These grinders do the job and don't have too many loose parts, kept very simple.
3 Part Grinders : These have a built in screen and chamber underneath to capture the finer particles and trichome rich kief.
4 Part Grinders : These have a pollen screen and pollen catcher and usually come with a small pollen scraper to catch all the good stuff and reuse it. This means that you can easily get all the trichomes out of your weed.
Ceramic grinders : These are particularly popular, they also consist of 4 parts and a scraper. The special ceramic coating leaves no residue on the surface. Cleaning is also very easy and offers a unique grind experience.

How to use a crusher

Actually, of course - but if you're currently too high, here's the explanation again: Remove the lid from the grinder, break apart the larger buds and put them in the crusher. Put the grinder's lid back on and turn it about 10 times until the shredded weed falls through the holes, and voila!

The right cleaning

After regular use of the grinder, it should of course be cleaned properly. To do this, we recommend disassembling the grinder as much as possible and using a scraper and brush to remove any remaining internal parts. This is especially important before proper cleaning. Once the grinder has been properly scraped and brushed to remove any remaining internal components, you can use a liquid cleaner to remove any remaining dirt.

The different sizes

Our grinders are available in different diameters. We offer metal grinders with a diameter of 63mm or 55mm. Of course you can also get a grinder with a diameter of 49mm from us. So you can choose the perfect grinder yourself. If you have any questions or problems, our team of experts is of course always available to help you find the right cutlery at a reasonable price in our shop.

Keep this in mind when buying grinders

We explained the grinder options in more detail in the section above. In addition, each mill is easy to identify in our wide range of quality stores. If you have browsed our shop, you will also find that we have a large selection. It's hard to find the right grinder here. However, there are a few things to consider when purchasing these tools. Not only your own preferences have to be considered, but also the use or material and quality. We have selected the strongest and most durable materials in our shop. When buying, however, special attention should be paid to quality and material processing. Grinders are usually made of metal, stainless steel or aluminum or plastic.

You rarely find these on wood or stone. It should be noted that metals, stainless steel or aluminum are particularly strong and have a long service life. In addition, these materials require little maintenance, since they can also come into contact with water without hesitation. With grinders made of wood, it must be taken into account that wood usually requires a lot of care and should not get wet. We also have acrylic grinders in our range, which are particularly popular with users who don't want to spend a lot of money. Due to the plastic production, these materials are particularly inexpensive and equally stable. In addition to the quality and the materials, you should of course also take a look inside. The inside of the mill can consist of different parts. These can be, for example, nails, pins or simply functioning sharpeners.

For example, our Card Grinder is reminiscent of a kitchen grater due to its punching properties. Check if the pins or nails should be of high quality. Metal grinders are usually made from metal pins or metal nails. Depending on the model, these internal parts can be made of different materials, but should still ensure a long service life. When choosing a mill, the following points should be considered: material, functions, handling and the grinder.

The different sizes

Our mills are available in different diameters in our range. We offer metal grinders with a diameter of 63mm or 55mm. Of course you can also get a grinder with a diameter of 49mm from us. So you can choose the perfect grinder yourself. If you have any questions or problems, our team of experts is of course always available to help you find the right cutlery at a reasonable price in our shop.

Grinder for every day or just occasionally?

Simple mills are very cheap to get. Above all, grinders made of acrylic deliver quite acceptable results for a few euros. Apart from that, they are durable, colorful and easy to clean thanks to the material. Until recently, acrylic didn't have any special features apart from magnetic clasps. At the same time, models with a storage compartment or pollen filter are also available.

Wooden grinders are usually not much more expensive either. However, these models, which mostly use metal pins as grinders, are not very durable and do not grind very well. But there are notable exceptions, like Canamix, which makes very strong and cleanly finished lumber mills. Traditional and very cheap nail boxes, based on original grinders from the 1960s, are more for decoration and are definitely not suitable for everyday use. Here the grinder tips are not firmly embedded in the grinder cap, but irregularly shortened nail-like metal pins that are hammered in by hand. These devices are not designed for higher loads.

In summary it can be said: if you shy away from the greater effort, you can make compromises in terms of grinding performance and ease of use, you do not need to use the grinder every day anyway, you can also use inexpensive wood or models made of acrylic.

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