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In our HHC shop you can get high-quality HHC hash from EU-certified hemp varieties. Due to the high purity of the ingredients and the particularly gentle processing, the HHC content is around 22-25% . The THC content at under 0.2%. The HHC hash has a long shelf life and is pesticide free - quality control is a very important factor for us.

What makes HHC hash so special?

Through gentle processing using the CO2 extraction process, the small plant parts, such as HHC flowers , are sieved and pressed/processed into a coherent product. After processing, the HHC hash is created with a high HHC oil content.

The effect

Our HHC hash is a pure flavor product and not suitable for consumption. Due to its special and intense aroma, our hash is definitely a customer favorite and fascinates with its colour, smell and consistency. There is a large part of tradition, love and know-how in every breed. Our hashish varieties should therefore not be missing in any collection, as they represent stages in human cultural history on different continents and are still considered true treasures by connoisseurs to this day. At this point we would like to point out that German law prohibits medical commitments. avibes HHC Hash is a pure aroma product.

Basically, HHC hash works like any other HHC product. After consumption, a pleasant, calming and relaxing feeling should arise. But HHC can do even more: It can relieve spasms and reduce anxiety. Research shows that HHC can even help fight mental illness. It also has positive effects on autism, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and even cancer.

Duration of action of HHC hash

The duration of action when taken orally is about six hours. After inhalation or vaporization, the effect wears off significantly after two to three hours. However, these are only testimonials.

The production

The production of hashish or hemp has a millennia-old history that spans several continents. People have tried to harness the valuable components of the cannabis plant for happiness. Perhaps one of the earliest manufacturing methods was the simple technique of rolling a cannabis flower between your hands, using pressure and heat to extract the resin. Today we are a little further. In general, there are many different hash extraction methods these days, from manual pressing to the use of ice, water, heat, solvents, and carbon dioxide. The manufacturing process varies depending on the strain of our HHC hash products, as how the hash is made determines its appearance and aroma. Therefore, each variety has its own traditional manufacturing process, from wood fire pressing to hand extraction to modern craftsmanship

Side effects of HHC

Serious side effects of HHC are often not known. Users reported mild side effects such as diarrhea, dry mouth, decreased appetite, or blood pressure when taking more. The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies HHC as harmless. It is considered extremely well tolerated and has health benefits. If you take medication regularly, taking HHC products should usually be discussed with your doctor beforehand. We expressly advise against use by pregnant women.

Versatile application of HHC Hash
HHC hash is versatile and definitely better than its reputation. With this product category, there is finally a legal representative for hash. The long shelf life and the high HHC content should be emphasized positively. However, the risk of confusion with illegal hashes can be problematic. From our point of view, it is great for sporadic and long-term use. It is also a natural product that, like other HHC products, has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and calming properties. As with other HHC products, we encourage you to purchase high quality products. Unfortunately, there are always overpriced, underdosed or impure products. Certified (organic) products are marked on the label.

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We would like to point out once again that our HHC hash is expressly neither suitable for consumption nor may it be consumed. It is suitable for scientific purposes, as a raw material or for further processing.