HHC Vapes

HHC Vapes

HHC Vapes : For those who haven't heard, HHC is a natural cannabinoid. The correct chemical name of this cannabinoid is hexahydrocannabinol, abbreviated as HHC. After CBD, HHC is now the second hemp extract that can be inhaled in a suitable vaporizer with appropriately filled cartridges. And quite legally.

However, HHC can only be found in very small amounts in hemp pollen or seeds of the so-called commercial or industrial hemp. This type of hemp contains a relatively large amount of CBD, but very little THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a well-known psychoactive compound in marijuana. Because of this psychoactive substance, marijuana remains illegal. HHC is also psychoactive to a lesser extent, but it is legal. Getting enough HHC in a vape cartridge requires complex chemical conversion processes, which are irrelevant here. The semi-synthetic process required for this is called isomerization.

In addition to HHC, CBD can also be found in the HHC cartridges . This is understandable, because for economic reasons, HHC is derived from CBD. Both cannabinoids are legal these days. According to current knowledge, they can be inhaled without hesitation. Until further scientific knowledge, which must come from long-term studies with human subjects, CBD is considered a medically usable cannabinoid. The extent to which the same applies to HHC has not yet been clarified. But the fact is that, unlike CBD, HHC also has a psychoactive effect, albeit less strong.

The THC content of commercially available HHC cartridges is below the legal limit of 0.2 percent. Alternatively, the cartridge content is completely THC-free, just like CBD. In this respect, HHC Vape is not subject to the Narcotics Act, despite its slightly psychoactive effect. The level of natural terpenes, flavonoids, and other hemp compounds produces a calming feeling that some users have described as euphoric. The extent to which a comparison can be drawn with the currently prohibited use of marijuana is not an issue here.

Humans and other mammals have an innate endocannabinoid system. This is equipped with corresponding receptors that are distributed throughout the body. The organism of every human being can naturally produce small amounts of endogenous cannabinoids. These ensure that hormonal, endocrine and other internal body processes run smoothly. Because of the endocannabinoid system, legal cannabinoids like CBD or HHC are mostly well tolerated.

However, the dose at which you notice the effect can vary greatly from person to person. However, very little of the potential effect is lost when inhaled via the HHC Vape Pen. Therefore, it is considered the most effective form of use. According to an assessment by the World Health Organization (WHO), one cannot become dependent on HHC or CBD. Nevertheless, it can happen that you are conspicuous in the drug test because of higher residual amounts of THC in a purchased HHC distillate of inferior quality. In foreign countries outside the EU in particular, this can land you in prison.

What is HHC Vapes?

Vaporizers or vaporizers for flavored liquids with CBD and HHC are called vapes, vape sticks or pen-like vape pens. The consumer can insert a cartridge with CBD or HHC into this handy device - similar to an e-cigarette. Such vaporizers are easy to use. No detailed instructions are required for this.

If the vaporizer is turned on with a button, the device heats the liquid in the cartridge without a real combustion process. He vaporizes them. The vapor containing CBD or HHC can be inhaled via the vaporizer or vape pen mouthpiece. In addition to HHC, an HHC vape pen also contains CBD, another natural cannabinoid that has not been shown to have any psychoactive properties. Vaporizers are user-friendly and intuitive to use. Inhaling vapors containing CBD or HHC is considered to be significantly healthier than inhaling nicotine from a cigarette.

The cartridges are already filled with HHC extract by the manufacturer. They can be used immediately after insertion. This allows the dose of CBD and HHC that you inhale with each puff to be determined relatively well. In addition, vape pens are an ideal way to inhale CBD or HHC on the go without bothering others. Using vapes is much more discreet than using cigarettes. In addition, vapes as multiple vaporizers are very environmentally friendly devices. Only the empty HHC cartridges are to be disposed of. The only thing to note is that the inhaler and the cartridges are compatible.

In addition, one should not necessarily be invited to a drug test under the influence of CBD and HHC. In itself, the test results after consuming CBD and HHC should not be abnormal. However, since some CBD and HHC products contain a residual THC content in accordance with legal requirements, you can become conspicuous after excessive vaping. The urine test in particular reveals that there are cannabinoids in the blood. The reason: THC and HHC are chemically structurally similar cannabinoids. Therefore, HHC is also sometimes psychoactive.

What different HHC Vapes are there?

HHC cartridge systems with rechargeable batteries and disposables filled with HHC can be found on the market. Disposable are disposable vaporizers that have a permanently installed cartridge. These devices are completely disposed of after they have been emptied. Often around 200-250 puffs are contained in a disposable vaporizer. However, such a system pollutes the environment with unnecessary waste and batteries. Reusable HHC vapes and high-quality vape pens, where the cartridges can be exchanged and the batteries can be recharged, are therefore the recommended alternative.

Anyone who wants to buy a vape pen or a vaporizer for HHC is now spoiled for choice. There are numerous suppliers, brands, models and types. The handy and pen-like vape pens are probably the most popular. The pens filled with HHC are offered as HHC Vape Pens, HHC Pens or HHC Vape Sticks. The designation "Pen" goes back to the pen-like shape of these vaporizers. The cartridge filled with HHC is usually screwed onto a vape pen. Therefore both must be compatible. The vape battery is charged using a USB power adapter. It is charged when the light on the charger turns green.

It's a good idea to buy pens and cartridges as a set from the same brand and stick with them. If necessary, you can research the compatibility of the purchased vape pen with the HHC cartridges of other manufacturers on the net. A frequently asked question is how many puffs are in a cartridge? This question is difficult to answer. The number of moves it contains depends on their depth and length. In addition, the number of possible trains can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is best to take a look at the product description, which usually reveals something about it.

However, the number of trains that is mentioned there is to be regarded as an average or guide value. When vaporizing HHC flowers, which is also possible with an HHC vaporizer, the number of possible puffs is significantly lower than with an HHC liquid.

What types of HHC Vapes are available?

The HHC starter kits are recommended for vaporizer beginners. These consist of an inhaler and a compatible cartridge with HHC. Such set offers are available from various manufacturers. You can research them online and compare the different vape systems or prices. With some vaporizers of the newer generation, the HHC cartridges are no longer screwed on. Instead, you insert them into a sleeve on the vaporizer. The cartridge is then clicked into the device using magnets.

In addition to the starter kit, black or colored vape pens with USB battery chargers are also available as soloists. The cartridges that are compatible with it can be purchased separately or in a set of several cartridges. If you compare the offers of several online shops, there are numerous HHC cartridges with delicious flavors - for example with the following flavor variants:

  • AppleJack
  • Bubba Berry
  • Blueberry
  • Blue Island
  • Bubble Gum
  • banana
  • Cotton candy
  • coconut
  • CookiesCush
  • Champagne Kush
  • Green crack
  • Kush & Mint
  • Lemon Haze
  • mango
  • Strawberry
  • Moroccan Kush
  • Swiss Gelato
  • or watermelon.

Searchers will surely discover other aroma variants. If someone is particularly interested in a special taste experience, they should check the compatibility of the HHC cartridges with their existing vape pen. Alternatively, some of the flavors mentioned are also contained in a so-called disposable vaporizer. In this case, you can only enjoy the contents of the permanently mounted cartridge with the disposable device. After about 250 puffs (average value according to the manufacturer) you throw away both. For example, the disposable vaporizer pen from a certain manufacturer is filled with 99 percent hexahydrocannabinol (HHC).

In addition to the liquid liquids with CBD and HHC content, corresponding flowers can also be found in online shops. These can also be vaporized gently in compatible devices. Some online stores differentiate the contents of HHC cartridges into Deluxe grades and Plus grades. According to the shop operators, Plus varieties contain 75 percent HHC and natural hemp terpenes. In addition, 20 percent cannabigerol (CBG) is also listed.

How does the cartridge content of HHC Vapes work?

If you want to vape HHC, you should pay attention to licensed and German products. Cheaper HHC products from the US or elsewhere do not meet our health standards.

As with all cannabis products, the effect of HHC is very individual. For some consumers, just a few puffs on the vaporizer are effective. For others, only several deep puffs produce a noticeable effect. In addition, the effect of cannabinoids depends on numerous parameters and influencing factors.

Many HHC users not only describe a sedative effect after consuming HHC, but they also experience a psychoactive effect. A high concentration of HHC can - in contrast to CBD - have an intoxicating effect. Therefore, there are also consumers who report the similarity between an HHC pleasure and a THC vape. This puts the use of an HHC vape pen close to a joint. In fact, many talk about feeling like they've smoked weed.

The fact is that inhaling HHC using a vaporizer pen can produce a very fast-acting effect. This can occur within a train or after a few minutes. The effect can be partially described as psychoactive. In this respect, it is a miracle that HHC has not yet been subject to the Narcotics Act. However, the onset of action may differ depending on the concentration, quality and dosage form of HHC. Vaping should always have the fastest onset of action.

But the quality and technology of a vape pen or cartridge filled with HHC can also lead to different effects. Therefore, it makes sense to test different vaporizers and matching cartridges until you find the ones that have the best effect.

Why do HHC cartridges fail differently?

The sometimes serious differences in quality between the contents of different HHC cartridges are based on explainable factors.

This substance was discovered in hemp as early as HHC 1940 - by the US chemist Roger Adams. Synthetic HHC was first produced in 1944. But the direct extraction of HHC from hemp is very complex. The reason: There is naturally very little hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) in a hemp plant. HHC is also not a natural cannabinoid, but a breakdown product of cannabinoids. You would use vast amounts of hemp plants to make HHC this way. This would give you a pure HHC product. However, this is uneconomical to produce. It would be extremely expensive because of the effort involved in manufacturing it.

Alternatively, the HHC contained in vaporizer cartridges is extracted from the abundantly available cannabidiol (CBD). This makes the production of HHC semi-synthetic feasible, but makes economic sense. It takes high pressure and hydrogen to extract the HHC from the CBD. Molecularly, it doesn't make much of a difference. The structure of the HHC obtained in this way is 100 percent identical to the HHC obtained from the hemp plant. The cannabis breakdown product hexahydrocannabinol, or HHC, exists in two distinct forms that coexist in hemp and CBD.

Of the R and S variants of hexahydrocannabinol, only the R variant is of interest to HHC users. Only this form of HHC produces a physically noticeable effect. The other HHC form may not be compatible with the receptors in the human endocannabinoid system. This is why the ratio of the S and R forms of HHC in the distillate is so important. A manufacturer called "Premium High" specifies the ratio of HHC-R and HHC-S as 68:32. Other manufacturers may have different ratios between these two. That alone affects the effect of some HHC preparations - and also explains the differences in quality.

The terpene profile also plays an important role in the effect of the HHC. A good terpene profile favors the so-called entourage effect. It is now assumed that the effects of cannabinoids are enhanced and enhanced by the presence of their natural companion substances in the hemp plant. Compared to chemically pure HHC distillates, a form of HHC that is as natural as possible should produce the better effect in the body. However, the natural terpenes, flavonoids and other plant substances affect the taste of the HHC or CBD. They produce the typical hemp taste. Not every consumer likes this.

In addition, some manufacturers also use other additives in addition to the added flavorings. These can include fillers and additives such as MCT fats, vitamin E acetate and propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). Substances like PG and CG are found in almost all e-cigarette liquids. The propylene glycol (PG) is said to improve the aroma transport and ensure the noticeable inhalation kick in the throat. The vegetable or vegetarian glycerin (VG), on the other hand, is important for vapor development. This should make the vapor more stable and "fuller".

Such highly pure additives in HHC liquids and cartridges are supposed to improve the general properties of the distillate. But they also reduce the HHC concentration at the same time. This in turn can change the effect of the distillate decisively. In addition, the thick vegetable glycerin partially swallows some of the less expressive aromas. It is therefore worth paying attention to quality when buying HHC. A certain brand of HHC vape pen can be very good - but another can be better. The matching distillate can have a much more intense effect. The higher quality may be reflected in the price. A look at the list of ingredients of HHC products is always worthwhile.

When some HHC users complain of coughing after inhaling, this is usually not due to propylene glycol intolerance. The fact is that the respiratory tract is increasingly relieved when you switch from smoking nicotine by cigarette to a non-combustion vaporizer. First of all, newcomers should test all available flavors that interest them with their HHC vape pen. In this way, everyone can find out their favorite aromas and test to what extent the effect of the HHC is satisfactory under different conditions.

Investing in HHC vape pens from different manufacturers at the same time can cost quite a bit of money. Test reports and customer opinions, from which one could draw conclusions about the best vaporizers and HHC liquids, are therefore worth reading.

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