joint sleeves

Buy joint sleeves or tubes

Joint cases are small tubes or cases used to store and protect an already rolled joint or cigarette. These cases can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, or glass.

Joint sleeves are particularly useful for people who are on the go or want to keep their joints safe without damaging them or accidentally running out. Some joint sleeves are also waterproof and can prevent the joint from getting wet if it comes into contact with moisture.

In addition, joint sleeves can also be personalized by printing them with different designs or lettering. This makes them a popular accessory for people who like to express their personality and style.

What else are joint sleeves called?

Joint casings have different names depending on region and cultural context and can also be referred to as "blunt casings", "pre-rolled cone casings", "doob tube" or simply "casing". In some cases they may also be referred to as "Rolling Papers Tubes" or "Cigarette Cases".

The right size

Joint sleeves are available in different sizes and can be selected according to your needs. Some of the common joint sleeve sizes are:

  1. Regular (or Standard) Size: These cases are typically 78mm in length and are designed to fit a standard joint size.

  2. King Size: These cases are longer than regular cases and are typically 109mm in length. They are intended for larger joints or cigarettes.

  3. XXL SIZE: These cases are even longer than king-size cases and can measure up to 180mm in length. They are suitable for very large joints or for storing several joints at once.

There are also joint casings that are custom made for specific joint shapes or sizes, such as conical joint casings that are thicker on one end than the other. Choosing the right size case is important to ensure the joint or cigarette fits snugly and is protected.

Where can I buy joint sleeves?

Joint sleeves can be purchased at many tobacconists, head shops, online stores, and also at some supermarkets or drugstores that sell smoking supplies. They can often be found near tobacco products, rolling papers or cigarette filters.

There are also specialized online stores that offer a wide range of joint sleeves of different sizes and materials. These online stores can be a good option if you are looking for a specific size or material, or if you want to buy a larger quantity of cases.

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