Pocket ashtray for on the go

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In our online shop you will find a large selection of Pocket ashtray too pocket ashtray called. Whether made of metal, ceramic, small or large - the selection is huge!

Application of the pocket ashtray

What are pocket ashtrays or pocket ashtrays actually suitable for? Yes, the term says it all, even if someone is looking for something like that, they know what it's about! Nevertheless, we would like to list all the advantages for you so that you are even more convinced!

Advantages of our pocket ashtrays

  • You can keep the ashes in the pocket ashtray, no matter where you are
  • You protect the environment by not scattering ashes all over the ground or in nature
  • The pocket ashtrays are compact, stylish and therefore fit in every trouser pocket!
  • Reusable and easy to clean: our ashtrays are very easy to maintain and reusable, use them as often as you can without fear of breaking them!
  • Ideal capacity for a walk with the dog or a city trip. Protects the environment from carelessly discarded cigarette butts
  • Pocket ashtray odour-proof: most of our pocket ashtrays are complete odor proof and therefore do not spread an unpleasant odour.